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The core principles of any message to the media are who, why, what, where and when. Without the basics no matter what walk of life you come from, people will not get the message!

With more than thirty years of work and research in the national newspaper industry covering hard news, features & sport, my work encompasses all aspects of news including many of the major stories that have arisen in the UK.

RLM brings a realistic and honest approach to how the media works be it in the class room or the boardroom, helping students to learn or offering strategy to the CEO.

The perception is that media is easy .. it isn't. To get your message across requires preparation, skill, flexibility and an understanding of how the media works. Respect, a sense of humour and the ability to deliver that message on time and to budget are paramount.

RLM offers a mixture of integrity, professionalism and experience as a result of working with the general public, leaders of industry, the Royal Family, numerous prime ministers and sports celebrities all of which fall into the same category.... people with stories to tell. Knowing your subject is paramount to getting your message across!

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Richard Lappas