A Picture can tell a thousand words

Skill level All Sorts Price 105

Start date Saturday 22nd September 2012

Course Duration All day (9 30 am to 4 30 pm)

Get the best out of the situation you are in whether it be a birthday party, christening, wedding, capturing your kids playing sport - learn how to make the best out of whats in front of you, how to compose your pictures to a good standard, how to create images that will stand out, look good, feel good and give you a buzz when you see what you have achieved!

Through the morning helped by lots of coffee and tea you can learn how powerful a good image can be, how you can illustrate the occasion or the event you are attending and discover how important it is to keep your camera safe and sound, keep plenty of cards & batteries to hand and make sure you are ready to roll and be in control when the action starts.


After a buffet lunch you will be set a task to go out on location and shoot some pictures which will then be down loaded, and we will take a good look at cropping, editing and presenting the finished product. It promises to be a day of creativity, fun and learning on how to get the best out of whats in front of you!

Richard Lappas is a freelance photo journalist who works for the national papers covering the south west of England and has spent the last thirty years working out of Exeter covering news, features and sport as well as working for corporate clients across all aspects of industry and commerce. RIchard will bring those thirty years of experience to the table and this course presents a great opportunity for you to learn from his experiences!


richard lappas